Welcome to REBOUNDx (3.0.5)

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REBOUNDx (eXtras) allows you to easily incorporate additional physics into your REBOUND simulations. All the computationally expensive parts of the code are written in C, so that the code will run much faster than if you define your own custom additional_forces functions in Python.

It provides a general and easily extendable framework for including other effects, so please contact me (tamayo.daniel@gmail.com) if you’d like to work on a new modification and I can help you incorporate it (or even better send me a pull request!)

Get Started!

What version would you like to use? If you are unsure, I recommend you try out the Python version, as it enables you to simulate, analyze and plot everything all in one place. It also allows for a less verbose interface. You’ll find installation instructions in the links below.

Quickstart Guide (Python)

Quickstart Guide (C)


If you have problems, please open an issue on the github page at https://github.com/dtamayo/reboundx

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